A Todoist alternative for people who time block

Ellie is a Todoist alternative that combines your tasks and calendar into one app

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A unique view

Ellie's unique "infinite kanban calendar" view helps you visualize and plan in a whole new way

Time blocking

With a built in time blocking calendar, you can drag tasks from your todo-list into your calendar

Support indie

Built by a solo-developer, you would be supporting indie makers like myself when you use Ellie

See it in action

Want to see it before trying? See how I (Chris, Ellie developer) personally use Ellie to plan and manage my day.

Having been a Todoist user myself, I can confidently say that the experience is a totally different take on task management

Comparing Ellie vs. Todoist



Free plans


Free, or $9.99/mo ($4.99/mo for students)

Free, or $5/mo - $8/mo

Kanban calendar view

Time blocking

Google calendar integration

Limited, you can't view your calendar and tasks together

Built for consumers

More focus has been put on their team plan in the last few years

Why people are making the switch from Todoist to Ellie

A unique approach to tasks

Ellie is different from traditional todo-list apps with it's unique calendar planning view. We've recorded a quick demo so you can see it in action.

True time blocking

To time block in Todoist, you need to keep switching between Todoist and your calendar. Ellie has this built in, no "hacky" integrations needed.

A focus on consumers

Todoist has been focusing more on their team plans over the last few years. Ellie has no team plans (nor does one appear in the future) so all focus is on making a great consumer experience

Support Independent

Ellie is made by a single developer and has no investors. By supporting Ellie you are supporting independent app developers to continue making great experiences ❤️

" Ellie has been amazing for managing my school work. I literally don't think I can function without it "

Jaquelin H.

Student @ UPenn

Student @ UPenn