Chris Raroque

How much is Routine? ( pricing)

How Much Does Routine Cost?

If you're interested in using Routine, their Professional plan is priced at $15 per month. This subscription is designed for executives, investors, entrepreneurs, and managers who require a comprehensive solution for their daily planning and organization.

The Routine Professional plan offers unlimited Google account connections, calendars, integrations, task management, notes taking, contact management, and more. It also includes advanced features like AI assistance, custom layouts, filtered views, and is compatible with various platforms including macOS, Windows, iOS, and an upcoming Android version.

Although Routine offers an impressive range of tools and a reasonable pricing plan, it's essential to consider alternatives like Ellie. Ellie is a user-friendly daily planning app that caters to busy professionals looking to optimize their productivity. Give Ellie a try to see if it's the right fit for your planning and organization needs!