A Motion alternative for people who time block

Ellie is a Motion alternative that combines your tasks and calendar into one app, built for people who don't need AI

Try Ellie - It's Free

No AI necessary

Ellie is a new take on task management. We promise you'll enjoy manually planning your day


Unlike Sunsama, Ellie has a free plan and our pro plan is $4.99/mo. Affordable for personal use

Support indie

Built by a solo-developer, you would be supporting indie makers like myself when you use Ellie

See it in action

Want to see it before trying? See how I (Chris, Ellie developer) personally use Ellie to plan and manage my day.

No complex set up or AI necessary. It's a daily planning / time blocking app you'll actually enjoy using ✌️

Comparing Ellie vs. Motion

Comparing Ellie vs. Todoist

Comparing Ellie vs. Todoist



Free plan


Free, or $9.99/mo ($4.99/mo for students)

$34.00/mo 😱

Feature rich iOS app

Simple and beautiful experience

Apple Calendar Integration

Built for personal use

Motion is focused on teams and companies (just look at their pricing)

Why people are making the switch from Motion to Ellie

No AI necessary 🤖❌

Motion is cool in theory, but the "AI" of Motion doesn't always work and you end up wasting more time fixing its mistakes. Ellie is a new take on daily planning that makes you enjoy the experience 👀

A beautiful experience 😍

Although Motion uses AI, the experience is very "dense" and complex. Ellie was built so you don't need a user-manual and training to use it. Good user experience is a core feature.

Let's talk about price 🥲

Motion is a whopping $34.00/mo. This just isn't affordable for most people (especially people like students, teachers, etc…). Ellie has a free forever plan and a very affordable $4.99/mo pro plan

Support Independent ❤️

Ellie is made by a single developer and has no investors. By supporting Ellie you are supporting independent app developers to continue making great experiences

"Ellie has the perfect amount of features in such a gorgeous interface. You can tell a lot of though was put into this app"

Sasha P.

Student @ Stanford

Student @ Stanford