Chris Raroque

Routine ( review: Reinventing Daily Planning and Boosting Productivity

Embark on your journey to enhanced productivity with Routine, a ground-breaking daily planner application that's been making waves in the productivity sphere. This captivating tool isn't just a planner - it transforms into a personal productivity assistant. This review unravels Routine's unique features and helps you ascertain if it's the right tool for your needs.

Marvelous Design & Wide-ranging Compatibility

Right from the get-go, Routine grabs attention with its sophisticated, user-friendly interface. This accessible, visually-engaging tool spans across multiple platforms, promising you a planning experience that's both aesthetic and functional.

Streamlined Task Management & Calendar Capabilities

The standout feature of Routine is the seamless integration of task management with calendar functionalities. The Planner section allows for effortless task creation, letting you assign specific dates with a simple drag-and-drop. Google Calendar integration is another feather in Routine's cap, making it a robust tool for calendar blocking enthusiasts.

Advanced Note-taking & List-building

Routine elevates your planning experience with the innovative Pages feature. This tool doesn't just let you create notes and checklists; it allows you to date-stamp them too. Be it an entertainment list or future event details, Routine ensures your thoughts stay organized and accessible.

People-Oriented Planning

Routine adopts a unique people-focused approach, permitting users to connect tasks with individuals. This feature not only fosters collaboration but also promotes accountability.

Elevating Productivity: Integration with Notion & Slack

What truly distinguishes Routine is its compatibility with Notion and Slack. Even in its beta phase, Routine synchronizes tasks and events across these platforms, potentially making it an essential component in productive business environments.

However, Routine isn't without its limitations. Given that it's still evolving, users might experience minor bugs, especially Mac users. The price point could also be slightly higher than other applications in the market.

An alternative - Ellie

While Routine offers a fresh take on daily planning, those seeking an alternative might find solace in Ellie (link: Ellie is an elegantly-designed, straightforward planner with a dedicated iOS app. It's free to use, with a reasonably priced Pro plan for advanced features. Ellie stands out for its timeboxing capability and seamless Google Calendar integration, making it a worthy contender in the productivity domain.


If a visually stunning planner that redefines task-tracking and note-taking is what you're after, Routine might fit the bill. But remember, it's an app in progress, continuously refining its features. Keep Routine on your radar, and join us in exploring more productivity tools in the future.