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Motion Review: Is This AI-Powered Task Manager Worth the Price?

Finding the perfect task management and productivity app can be challenging. Today, we're reviewing Motion, an AI-driven task management application. Let’s see if this AI todo-list/calendar app lives up to the large price tag.

What is Motion?

Motion is an AI-powered task management app designed to streamline your daily planning, calendar, tasks, and scheduling, helping users stay on top of their work and make better decisions regarding their tasks.

The Unique Features of Motion

  1. AI-driven task management: Motion employs advanced AI technologies to automatically update your tasks and calendar based on your work progress. It also allows you to set parameters for your tasks, making it easier to manage your work and meetings.

  2. Contextual task capturing: The app provides more context to each task, enabling you to prioritize tasks more effectively.

  3. Calendar integration and automatic schedule adjustment: Motion integrates with your calendar and automatically adjusts your schedule based on your progress and upcoming tasks.

  4. Kanban view for project management: You can create projects and organize tasks using a Kanban view, which is particularly useful for team projects.

  5. Task organization and structuring capabilities: Motion helps you determine urgency, set deadlines, and outline the best time to complete tasks, making it ideal for those who need help prioritizing their time and tasks.

Motion for Teams

Motion offers a team plan with a focus on AI-driven project management features, making it an attractive choice for teams looking to streamline their task and project management processes.


Motion comes with a premium price tag, with the individual plan costing $34 per month. The team plan is more affordable at $20 per user per month. The absence of a free plan may deter some users, making the app more suitable for those willing to invest in productivity software.

The fact that the team plan is more affordable signals that this is their real target audience. Check out their pricing page for more info.

Is Motion Worth the Investment?

Motion is best suited for users who prioritize effective task management and have the budget for premium productivity software. It's particularly helpful for time-poor individuals who need assistance with task prioritization and calendar management. If you spend a lot of time in meetings and need help carving out time for focused work, Motion may be worth considering.

However, for people who aren’t using this for business, this is probably to look at alternatives.

Affordable alternatives

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly and straightforward task management app, consider an app like Ellie. Ellie is a beautifully designed productivity app that seamlessly integrates your to-do list and calendar, making it perfect for students or anyone who doesn't require advanced AI features.

With a free plan and a very reasonable pro plan, Ellie is accessible to users on any budget. The app also boasts an intuitive iOS app, ensuring that you can stay organized on the go. Whether you're juggling school assignments, personal tasks, or work projects, Ellie is an excellent alternative to consider.

Final Verdict

While we have yet to fully explore the team plan, the app's innovative features and AI-driven capabilities make it worth checking out. However, its high price and lack of a free plan may be a deal breaker for some users. If you find Motion's price tag a bit steep or don't need its advanced features, we recommend looking at alternative apps like Ellie.