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Amie ( calendar review

Amie: The Vibrant Calendar App that’s Redefining Productivity and Social Interactions

Get ready to meet Amie, the calendar app that’s shaking up the world of productivity with its joyful approach and elegant design. This dazzling newcomer is turning heads by combining task management and social aspects in an innovative and playful way. In this blog post, we're going to take a fun ride through Amie's vibrant universe and discover why it's creating such a buzz.

Say Hello to Your New Task Management Buddy

Who says tasks and calendars need to be separate? Amie says, "Not on my watch!" This spunky app integrates your to-do list with your calendar, making task management a breeze. Create colorful lists, schedule tasks with a simple drag-and-drop, and get that satisfying feeling of completion, all in one place. Trust us, Google Calendar is going to have a serious case of FOMO.

Juggling Time Zones? Amie’s Got You Covered!

Whether you're a digital nomad, a globetrotter, or just have friends in different time zones, Amie's multi-timezone support is a lifesaver. With four snazzy views (1 Day, 3 Day, 5 Day, 1 Week), you can stay on top of your schedule, no matter where you or your colleagues are.

Adding a Social Spin to Your Calendar

Amie is not just about tasks and schedules, it's about people too! It’s the social butterfly of calendar apps, allowing you to keep track of meetings, add personal notes, and even remember birthdays. If your pals are also on Amie, you can peek at their Twitter handle, Spotify activity, and location info. Now that’s what we call social networking!

Scheduling Links: Wave Goodbye to Meeting Hassles

Amie is your ultimate meeting maestro with its super-cool shareable scheduling links. Just select your available slots, create a link, and share. Your colleagues can pick a slot, and voila, meeting scheduled! It's practical, visually appealing, and makes you look like the ultimate productivity guru.

Jamming with Amie and Spotify

For the music lovers out there, Amie has a sweet surprise – Spotify integration! Track your Spotify sessions and see what songs were the soundtrack to your productivity highs. Who knew task management could be so groovy?

Catch Amie on the Go and Check Out Its Pricing

Currently, Amie is strutting its stuff as a web app and has dedicated apps for Mac and iOS users. Sadly, there's no love for Windows, Linux, and Android users yet, but we're hopeful for the future.

Amie offers a free plan and a Professional plan for $10 per user per month. The free plan is pretty good, but the Professional plan lets you unleash the full power of Amie.

The Future is Bright and Shiny with Amie

Amie is like a shooting star, constantly evolving and shining brighter. The app is currently in closed beta and introducing new features like a Sleep Habits tracker for iOS users. We can't wait to see what's next on this thrilling journey.

The Elusive Invite-Only Amie

Now here's the catch - Amie is currently invite-only. Some eager beavers have been on the waitlist for over 2 years, anxiously awaiting their golden ticket. But don't worry, the anticipation is half the fun, right?

Can't Wait? Check Out Ellie, a Fantastic Amie Alternative

If you're itching to get started with a beautifully designed productivity app, look no

further than Ellie. Ellie is a fantastic alternative that shines with simplicity and a gorgeous design. It's perfect for students looking to integrate their to-do list and calendar, and best of all, there's no waitlist! With a free plan and a very reasonable pro plan, Ellie is ready to help you level up your productivity game, right now.

Wrapping Up

There's no doubt that Amie is making waves in the productivity app scene. With its vibrant design, unique features, and social integration, it's hard not to be intrigued. But remember, if you can't wait to hop on the Amie train, Ellie is here and ready to rock your productivity world.

Stay tuned for more updates on Amie, and in the meantime, happy planning!